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Dates of birth and Telephone Numbers*

Not all entries may contain a Date of Birth and/or Telephone Number for the register entry. These are provided on an "as is" basis.

Terms of use of OnlineSearches.info

You are entitled to use the data provided on our website for your own personal use. You may not sell or rent the information to any third parties whatsoever. You are restricted from integrating this service into any other internet or online facility without written agreement from OnlineSearches.info. We allow you to access our website on the understanding that information will not be used in a malicious or illegal manner. We reserve the right to suspend any account holders who we suspect have provided us with false personal details. On average, UK individuals move every seven years. We provide searches of the 2009 UK Electoral Roll.


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Refund Policy

The following directive relates to the exception to the right to cancel:

Regulation 13 (1) (a) "For the supply of services if the supplier has given correct information and the performance of the contract has begun with the consumers agreement before the end of the cancellation period."
Your contract with OnlineSearches.info. is deemed to commence at the point of order, and as such the above regulation applies and we do not offer the right to cancel once the order has been made. However, if you conduct a search and do not receive a results, we will issue a no quibble refund or continue to assist you free of charge until all possibilites have been exhausted* Please note that Birth, Death, Marriage and Property Ownership searches are excluded from our refund policy.

* Refunds will be based upon the number of searches performed where results have been found and the accuracy of the information entered by the customer when searching...