An Overview Of The Electoral Register In The UK

Electoral Register The electoral register in the United Kingdom is something that is quite similar in form to the registers in other nations and legal systems. Simply put, it was the United Kingdom that first came up with the now-clichéd idea of ballot boxes and voting booths. The electoral system in the UK entitles people to vote for the major politicians and political figures of the country. Many people, who live and work in the UK, would know extensively about the requirements for voting for politicians in House Of Commons and Parliament. Here is an overview of the electoral register system in UK.


The first-past-the-post method of voting for UK elections is one of the more recent developments in the field of electoral voting. This facility is used for electing the local representatives of the House Of Commons in the counties of England and Wales. The voters are required to cross off their preferences for the candidates on a common ballot paper.They then post the ballot paper into the ballot boxes. The votes that each candidate receives are then tallied and the candidates with the most votes are then elected to office by the voters of each particular area.

Alternative Votes

The alternative voting system is also a relatively new system of the UK electoral register. The candidates are those vying for the top positions in the House Of Commons. The system is quite interesting, as voters are given lists of candidates and electorates. Then, they are asked to tick a single name as a first preference and then other names as alternative preferences, in order of preference. The first choices are then tallied and the alternatives are also counted among the electorates and voters. This system is used to pick out new members of the House Of Commons systems and departments.

The Supplementary Vote

This is another one of the main systems of voting for political electorates. This electorate system is used for electing mayors and governors in England and Wales. Here is the procedure: The voters are given full-fledged lists of the major candidates for the posts of mayor. They are then asked to list down their first and alternative preferences among the many candidates in the entire list.The candidates who occupy more than 50 percent of the first preferences will be chosen as the mayors of the constituencies in the country.

Single Transferable Vote

The single transferable vote is a system that is utilised in electing the Deputy Speakers in the House Of Commons. The Deputy Speakers are selected using the single transferable voting system which once again involves the prefered candidates. The voters are given lists of candidates for the posts of the Deputy Speakers of the House. They are asked to pick out their preferences in numbered ranks. Then, according to a quota system, the candidates who have the highest share of first preference votes are given the top positions in the House.

The Additional Member System

The Additional Member System is useful in electing new constituencies in the counties of Wales and Scotland. This means that it is widely used to select the candidates for the local houses and parties in those counties. Here is a look at the method of the election system. The system involves a choice for the voters to choose between individual politicians and whole parties that will be involved in the election. The voters then pick from parties and individuals who have been shortlisted for the main positions in the local governments in the counties of Wales and Scotland.

The History Of Elections

In the UK, the electoral register is something that has been in vogue since medieval times. In later medieval times, the House Of Commons was founded. In the beginning, the system of voting was that of constituencies. This system involved districts in a particular county or district of an entire region. The authorities would take into account the votes that the major districts and counties chose and would win over the others. The major electoral systems originated in the UK from those times as was the electoral register. We provide instant People Searches, Death Searches, Marriage Searches and UK Property Ownership to the general public using the electoral roll, please Click here for more information.